ALL GROOMING PACKAGES INCLUDE: Bath with shampoo and conditioner, facial scrub, feet and pads, nail trim, ear cleaning, complete brush and comb out, blow dry, and body style of your choosing. Includes any breed clips.

Grooming Rates:

Toy Breeds (10 lbs and under): $20+

Small Breeds: $40+

Medium Breeds (Labs, Shepards etc.): $45+

Large Breeds (Goldens, Doodles, Poodles): $65+

Extra Large Breeds (Newfies, Samoyed, etc.): $80+


Come to Blue, where we'll love your best friend as much as you do!

De-Shedding + Furminator Treatment is $10 add-on due to the condition of the coat.

We also offer Nail Trim's for $5

Dog Grooming: