Full Day: $45
6-Day Pass: $250

On-Site Private Training: $75/hour

All dogs need to go through a thorough interview process, fill out an application and be up-to-date on all vaccines before starting at Blue Dog.

At Blue Dog, we strive to help your dog become a well-rounded member of your family. In addition to daycare fun, we offer obedience training either during daycare hours or in a private setting. We offer positive-reinforcement based obedience training and behavior modification. We believe that effective training is an on-going process of growth between you and your canine companion. With proper training and exercise, you can have a well-behaved dog for life.

Basic Obedience covers basic dog behavior and pack mentality, sit/stay, down/stay, loose-leash walking, heel, come, and correcting unwanted behaviors. All classes are positive-reinforcement based and we work with each of you to help you learn why your dog has certain behaviors. We teach YOU how to train your dog. With a mix of obedience classes, training during daycare and work at home, your dog will become the dog you've always wanted.



           Monday through Friday: 7am - 7pm

           Saturday: Closed

           Sunday:  Closed

           Day School: M, W, F  10am - 4pm

We are pleased to announce that Blue Dog Daycare is now offering Canine Good Citizen testing and CGC preparatory classes at our Day School. The American Kennel Club's CGC program is designed to promote responsible pet ownership while teaching dogs to be respected members of the community. Dogs that pass the test are awarded a title and/or certificate, and may advance into therapy programs or AKC competitions.  

The test is FREE for any graduate of our Day School program (Dog must have completed and passed all lessons in school to qualify for the free test). For all others, there is a $20 fee per dog. 

‚ÄčTests are held Mon-Fri and are by appointment only. If you would like to schedule a test or enroll your dog in Day School, please call us at 207-406-2737. We look forward to seeing more dogs become well respected members of the community!


Come to Blue, where we'll love your best friend as much as you do!

Blue Dog Day School