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Come to Blue, where we'll love your best friend as much as you do!

​About the trainer: 

​​​Brooke Pizzolato grew up in Maine and has been a dog lover all her life. She studied Education and Behavioral Health during her college years and earned her Bachelors degree from the University of Southern Maine. After working with children, she began volunteering and assisting at various dog training and daycare facilities, and rediscovering her love for dogs, became a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator & Instructor in 2012. Having applied thousands of hours to helping dogs and their owners achieve happy and healthy relationships, she earned her certification as a CCPDT-KA through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, which is the leading independent certifying organization in the nation for the dog training profession. She now trains full time at Blue Dog Daycare and lives with her husband in Harpswell, Maine.

At Blue Dog...
we strive to help your dog become a well-rounded member of your family. In addition to daycare fun, we offer positive and balanced training approaches as well as behavior modification either during daycare hours or in a private setting. We believe that effective training is an on-going process of growth between you and your canine companion. With proper training and exercise, you can have a well-behaved dog for life!

​We teach YOU how to train your dog. With a mix of obedience classes, training during daycare and work at home, your dog will become the dog you've always wanted.


* On-Site Private Training: $50/hour
* Off-Site Private Training: $75/hour
* 4 Week Off-Site Training Package: $275
* 6 Week Community Canine Training Package (without daycare): $200

Blue Dog Daycare offers Canine Good Citizen testing and CGC preparatory classes in Day School. The American Kennel Club's CGC program is designed to promote responsible pet ownership while teaching dogs to be respected members of the community. Dogs that pass the test are awarded a title and/or certificate, and may advance into therapy programs, service work or AKC competitions.  The test is FREE for any Day School graduate (dog must have completed and passed all lessons in school to qualify for the free test). For all others, there is a $20 fee per dog. 

                              Training Packages: 
(All of our packages include daycare. Drop-off is between 7am & 10am and pick-up is between 4pm & 7pm).

PRE-SCHOOL(best for ages 9 weeks - 16 weeks) $250/6 Day Pass or $45/day

Puppy Pre-school is designed to bring out the best in your puppy by encouraging positive socialization, preventing unwanted behaviors and teaching confidence and basic skills. This program is unique in that combines training with daycare so puppies will burn off energy while playing and exercising under the guidance of our caring staff. Puppies will be socialized to a variety of puppy playmates, a variety of caring staff members, as well as small breed dogs. They  will learn bite inhibition naturally by playing with other puppies. We will discourage any nipping or impolite biting. We practice resource guarding prevention by enriching the environment with multiple toys, water bowls and by feeding puppies individually.  Puppies will grow confident and learn boundaries. Every puppy graduates pre-school after 6 days and once graduated and/or age appropriate, your pup can enroll in our Day School program with option to be CGC certified. 

: (best for ages 4 months and above) $250/6 Day Pass or $45/day

Day School is designed to match the standards of the AKC's Canine Good Citizen requirements. With a combination of daycare and training, your dog will advance through our 6 classes at his own rate. These cover basic obedience and behavior management, including loose leash skills (heeling), Down/Stay, settle, recall, appropriate meet & greets and more. Every school day includes at least one structured walk, review of the lessons previously worked on and learning new skills/commands. As your dog grows in our program, we encourage you to continuously practice and proof their skills at home. You will also have access to our Training Guide, which provides training tips and video demonstrations to help with his homework. Dogs are more successful when everyone is on board!

COMMUNITY CANINE: (best for dogs with a mastery of basic obedience) $310/6 Day Pass or $55/day

Community Canine is for dogs who are ready to test their skills out in the community! We expose them to real-world distractions and temptations by bringing them to places like Main Street, Lowes, pet stores, along the walking path, past the dog park, etc. where they will meet strangers and other dogs on their travels. They will have 5 sessions with the trainer in the community and the 6th with the owner. Dogs are welcome to take the CGC test at the end of the 6 weeks.

All dogs need to go through a thorough interview process, fill out an application and be up-to-date on all vaccines before starting at Blue Dog.